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Mission to Haiti
Early Sunday Morning (L/R)- Lorey White, Dean Baskins, Jim Stubbs, Ruby Coffey, Richard Poindexter, Denise Hopper, Henry Funderburk
Friday, February 11 2011
Today was our last day in Haiti. We spent half the day working and the other half sightseeing in Port-au-Prince. We continued building two houses for a young mother and a middle-aged family. Both were happy to receive their new homes and dedication gifts.
The medical teams conducted clinics in two locations between our compound and Port-au-Prince. Again many patients were seen and some even had to be turned away due to time constraints.
We saw some of the earthquake damage in Port-au-Prince. Specifically, we saw the Palace, a Catholic Church and many other damaged buildings. We were amazed by seeing even a small portion of its 3 million residents. There was overwhelming auto and foot traffic with very few rules enforced. We bartered for souvenirs at one of the many markets in town. We also ate at one of the few restaurants that our hosts felt comfortable in recommending. We dined at “Epi D’or” which is the McDonald’s equivalent in Haiti. We had pizzas, hamburgers, steak sandwiches, french fries, canned sodas and ice cream – yum, yum..... This was our only meal out while in Haiti.
We head to the airport early in the morning to head back to the States. Thank you for all your prayers and support. A few additional prayers are requested for our travel tomorrow.
See you all soon!!
Your Haiti Missionary Team
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Thursday, February 10 2011
Construction Update
Today we hit the ground running as we built a total of four houses. This morning we built two. The first one was for a family with a young daughter with a baby who were delighted to have their new home. Our interpreter asked us to pray for the new owner who was currently ill and in the hospital.
The second house was for an elderly lady who was grinning from ear to ear the entire time we were building the house.
We also built two homes in the afternoon. The first was for an elderly man and his family. He was so proud for our help and insisted that he do some of the hardest labor that involved digging 4 holes in the ground (2’x4’) to place the anchors hooked to hurricane straps. He was one of our favorite recipients of a new home. The fourth house was for a young family with children. We built it with approx. 25 children constantly hanging around us because they were out of school. They were lots of joy even though we had to be extra careful as they were so eager to do anything for us.
Each home has its own dedication service of songs, prayer, a gift of a Creole Bible, a blanket and a general hygiene kit. Each has its own “Jesus Moment” as we celebrate with the particular family.
We are still sore, tired, hot and also very delighted to be a part of this mission experience.
Medical Update
Our Medical Teams went out today to two different clinics.
One team went to “Germain”, a very remote mountain community with extreme poverty. The clinic had a tarp and parachute roof with cut down trees for roof poles. This team saw 177 people today and many had walked 1 to 3 hours to be seen at the clinic.
The other team went to the Tent City in Titanyen. The team of nine, saw some 213 patients and were barely able to swap out for short lunch breaks.
As of this afternoon, the medical teams have seen over 1100 people in these three days. This number by itself is almost overwhelming, but these types of needs are still present all over Haiti.
The plan for Friday is to work until mid-day and then go into Port-a-Prince in the afternoon to see some of the sites, etc. Thank you for your continued prayers.
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Wednesday, February 09 2011
Wednesday Update
Construction Team Update—Lorey W.
The team built two individual houses this morning and a medical clinic (double-wide house) behind a local church, in the afternoon. This will allow school to continue while field clinics are conducted weekly – prior to this building, classes had to cease while the medical clinic was conducted.
Tired, sore, aching, dirty & exhausted—after times I didn’t think I could get anymore exhausted.   But it feels good to do God’s mission work. You can just feel God’s love and caring through our 11-member mission team and the Haitians who work with us. 
There is such need everywhere you look & you can see the need in their friendly smiling faces. 
It is truly rewarding to work beside other Christians who have a strong compassion for all of God’s people. It’s Wednesday night and every member of the team is as tired as I am, but we can rest on the way back from this wonderful mission experience. 
Medical Team Update –Denise H.

Today the Omega medical team (there are two: Alpha and Omega) went up the mountain to a tiny village with a “clinic” which is actually a double version of the shelters the men are building. Inside were the doctor’s office, the nurse’s office, and the pharmacy, all located in a 24x12 shelter with a dirt floor and walls of blue tarp. I’ve been working triage, also, and no, never thought I’d be sticking fingers for testing sugar Dr. Frances even asked me to give a patient a tetanus shot. I took a pass, explaining that I don’t even LOOK when I get a shot and didn’t have a clue how to give one. Fortunately for the patient, she gave him his shot. Chicken pox was going through the village so many babies and small children had the sores. But in each face we saw Jesus. He was indeed waiting for us when we arrived.

The weather today in Haiti was sunny and 95 and Ruby even went swimming. Please be careful in the snow and ice this week.

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Tuesday, February 08 2011
Tuesday Update
Construction Team-Richard P.
Our UBA team of eleven people was divided into a construction team and a medical team. Dean, Lori, Jim and Richard were part of the construction team. We spent the morning learning how to assemble a house from our NC Baptist Men’s on-site coordinator...Jerry Oliver. Our team had to do ALL the work by ourselves...including digging to secure the foundation in the ground. At 11:30 we dedicated our first house by presenting the new owner with a Bible in Creole, songs, and dedication prayer through an interpreter. Our outstanding team was hot, tired, and SORE....and we had the hot afternoon STILL facing us.
However, the afternoon turned out much better than we anticipated. We built 2 houses and had a team of 12 from UBA plus approx 15 Haitian helpers who knew what they were doing, worked hard, and were fast. And we even built these two houses in the SHADE. Every house had a dedication service for the new owners. We built these two houses with two teams in a total of two hours. (Remember the houses are 12X12 and with some pre-assembled sections.
Medical Team-Ruby C.
Today I went with a medical team to work a free clinic in Caberet, Haiti. The team consisted of a Haitian doctor, a paramedic from Charlotte, a retired Baptist gentleman from Fayetteville, NC, and 4 Haitian workers.
Clinic starts with a devotion, hymn, and prayer. It was very moving to hear “How Great Thou Art” sung in Haitian Creole. My job was triage and, with the help of an interpreter, I recorded the patients health concerns, took blood pressures, and checked blood sugar levels.  I never thought I’d be pricking people’s fingers when I signed up for this trip! Tomorrow our medical team has clinic day in an orphanage. We will be passing out school supplies donated from our church membership while we are there. 
I don’t have the words to describe the things I’ve seen since arriving yesterday and our pictures don’t show the level of poverty here.   
Please continue to pray for those we are helping and for our sore muscles and tired backs. 
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Monday, February 07 2011
The flight down went well and we even got a view of Cuba from the air as we flew near its coast. We arrived around 2pm today without incident. You could see all the earthquake cracks still in the walls of the airport terminal. We got through immigration/customs easily. We were told in advance about all the men that would try to help us with our luggage, but were not quite prepared for the number wanting to help. With patience, we got out to our vans and Jerry, our NC Haiti Relief site coordinator, was there to meet us. We drove north through a portion of Port-a-Prince and could see so much damage and poverty.
We made it out towards the mountains and to the Samaritan's Purse Compound where we'll be staying this week. Jerry and Betty Oliver are our site coordinators and are from Smithfield, NC. We've been working this afternoon to pack and label anti-malarial medicine into correct individual doses. These will be given out for at clinics by the medical teams this week and next.
Our devotion tonight was given by Jay, a team member from Snyder Memorial Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC – here in Haiti and here with his daughter Katie. He inspired us to look for those special mission moments and to know that we will receive blessings from the experience of doing work for our Savior and in offering hope in the form of housing, medicine or God’s love.
Your prayers helped keep us safe in our travel today and we are looking forward to our work tomorrow.
God Bless and Keep Praying!
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Sunday, February 06 2011

Hi Folks- our trip from Charlotte to Miami was on schedule, but we're still in Miami. Our flight to Haiti was delayed  twice while mechanical issues were checked out. We were finally moved to another gate before our flight was cancelled. So... we are enjoying a night at the Sheraton Miami Airport courtesy of American Airlines. We'll enjoy one more night of hot showers, a free meal, a really soft bed and seeing most of the Super Bowl. Our flight is scheduled to go out at 10:15 tomorrow morning.

In the devotion this evening everyone expressed disappointment over not yet being in Haiti and losing a day of work. Richard P. led our devotion and helped remind us that God is present in the timing of things and that, like David, we should use prayer to stay more connected to God. We are, of course, grateful the mechanical issues in our plane were discovered and not missed.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our trip, so far. We definitely look forward to arriving in Haiti tomorrow. 

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Tuesday, February 01 2011
Please join us at 7 o'clock on Wednesday, February 2, as we commission our six Haiti missionaries.
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