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Mission to Haiti
Early Sunday Morning (L/R)- Lorey White, Dean Baskins, Jim Stubbs, Ruby Coffey, Richard Poindexter, Denise Hopper, Henry Funderburk
Sunday, February 06 2011

Hi Folks- our trip from Charlotte to Miami was on schedule, but we're still in Miami. Our flight to Haiti was delayed  twice while mechanical issues were checked out. We were finally moved to another gate before our flight was cancelled. So... we are enjoying a night at the Sheraton Miami Airport courtesy of American Airlines. We'll enjoy one more night of hot showers, a free meal, a really soft bed and seeing most of the Super Bowl. Our flight is scheduled to go out at 10:15 tomorrow morning.

In the devotion this evening everyone expressed disappointment over not yet being in Haiti and losing a day of work. Richard P. led our devotion and helped remind us that God is present in the timing of things and that, like David, we should use prayer to stay more connected to God. We are, of course, grateful the mechanical issues in our plane were discovered and not missed.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our trip, so far. We definitely look forward to arriving in Haiti tomorrow. 

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