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Mission to Haiti
Early Sunday Morning (L/R)- Lorey White, Dean Baskins, Jim Stubbs, Ruby Coffey, Richard Poindexter, Denise Hopper, Henry Funderburk
Tuesday, February 08 2011
Tuesday Update
Construction Team-Richard P.
Our UBA team of eleven people was divided into a construction team and a medical team. Dean, Lori, Jim and Richard were part of the construction team. We spent the morning learning how to assemble a house from our NC Baptist Men’s on-site coordinator...Jerry Oliver. Our team had to do ALL the work by ourselves...including digging to secure the foundation in the ground. At 11:30 we dedicated our first house by presenting the new owner with a Bible in Creole, songs, and dedication prayer through an interpreter. Our outstanding team was hot, tired, and SORE....and we had the hot afternoon STILL facing us.
However, the afternoon turned out much better than we anticipated. We built 2 houses and had a team of 12 from UBA plus approx 15 Haitian helpers who knew what they were doing, worked hard, and were fast. And we even built these two houses in the SHADE. Every house had a dedication service for the new owners. We built these two houses with two teams in a total of two hours. (Remember the houses are 12X12 and with some pre-assembled sections.
Medical Team-Ruby C.
Today I went with a medical team to work a free clinic in Caberet, Haiti. The team consisted of a Haitian doctor, a paramedic from Charlotte, a retired Baptist gentleman from Fayetteville, NC, and 4 Haitian workers.
Clinic starts with a devotion, hymn, and prayer. It was very moving to hear “How Great Thou Art” sung in Haitian Creole. My job was triage and, with the help of an interpreter, I recorded the patients health concerns, took blood pressures, and checked blood sugar levels.  I never thought I’d be pricking people’s fingers when I signed up for this trip! Tomorrow our medical team has clinic day in an orphanage. We will be passing out school supplies donated from our church membership while we are there. 
I don’t have the words to describe the things I’ve seen since arriving yesterday and our pictures don’t show the level of poverty here.   
Please continue to pray for those we are helping and for our sore muscles and tired backs. 
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Glad to hear you got so much done today. Hopefully you will get a good night's rest and have renewed strength for tomorrow. If you get a chance, please ask one of the staff there if they could distribute some new girls' dresses if we sent them. Crafters on Mission would like to sew some for them if they can use them.
Posted by Glenda Poindexter on 02/08/2011 - 11:13 PM

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