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Mission to Haiti
Early Sunday Morning (L/R)- Lorey White, Dean Baskins, Jim Stubbs, Ruby Coffey, Richard Poindexter, Denise Hopper, Henry Funderburk
Wednesday, February 09 2011
Wednesday Update
Construction Team Update—Lorey W.
The team built two individual houses this morning and a medical clinic (double-wide house) behind a local church, in the afternoon. This will allow school to continue while field clinics are conducted weekly – prior to this building, classes had to cease while the medical clinic was conducted.
Tired, sore, aching, dirty & exhausted—after times I didn’t think I could get anymore exhausted.   But it feels good to do God’s mission work. You can just feel God’s love and caring through our 11-member mission team and the Haitians who work with us. 
There is such need everywhere you look & you can see the need in their friendly smiling faces. 
It is truly rewarding to work beside other Christians who have a strong compassion for all of God’s people. It’s Wednesday night and every member of the team is as tired as I am, but we can rest on the way back from this wonderful mission experience. 
Medical Team Update –Denise H.

Today the Omega medical team (there are two: Alpha and Omega) went up the mountain to a tiny village with a “clinic” which is actually a double version of the shelters the men are building. Inside were the doctor’s office, the nurse’s office, and the pharmacy, all located in a 24x12 shelter with a dirt floor and walls of blue tarp. I’ve been working triage, also, and no, never thought I’d be sticking fingers for testing sugar Dr. Frances even asked me to give a patient a tetanus shot. I took a pass, explaining that I don’t even LOOK when I get a shot and didn’t have a clue how to give one. Fortunately for the patient, she gave him his shot. Chicken pox was going through the village so many babies and small children had the sores. But in each face we saw Jesus. He was indeed waiting for us when we arrived.

The weather today in Haiti was sunny and 95 and Ruby even went swimming. Please be careful in the snow and ice this week.

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