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Mission to Haiti
Early Sunday Morning (L/R)- Lorey White, Dean Baskins, Jim Stubbs, Ruby Coffey, Richard Poindexter, Denise Hopper, Henry Funderburk
Thursday, February 10 2011
Construction Update
Today we hit the ground running as we built a total of four houses. This morning we built two. The first one was for a family with a young daughter with a baby who were delighted to have their new home. Our interpreter asked us to pray for the new owner who was currently ill and in the hospital.
The second house was for an elderly lady who was grinning from ear to ear the entire time we were building the house.
We also built two homes in the afternoon. The first was for an elderly man and his family. He was so proud for our help and insisted that he do some of the hardest labor that involved digging 4 holes in the ground (2’x4’) to place the anchors hooked to hurricane straps. He was one of our favorite recipients of a new home. The fourth house was for a young family with children. We built it with approx. 25 children constantly hanging around us because they were out of school. They were lots of joy even though we had to be extra careful as they were so eager to do anything for us.
Each home has its own dedication service of songs, prayer, a gift of a Creole Bible, a blanket and a general hygiene kit. Each has its own “Jesus Moment” as we celebrate with the particular family.
We are still sore, tired, hot and also very delighted to be a part of this mission experience.
Medical Update
Our Medical Teams went out today to two different clinics.
One team went to “Germain”, a very remote mountain community with extreme poverty. The clinic had a tarp and parachute roof with cut down trees for roof poles. This team saw 177 people today and many had walked 1 to 3 hours to be seen at the clinic.
The other team went to the Tent City in Titanyen. The team of nine, saw some 213 patients and were barely able to swap out for short lunch breaks.
As of this afternoon, the medical teams have seen over 1100 people in these three days. This number by itself is almost overwhelming, but these types of needs are still present all over Haiti.
The plan for Friday is to work until mid-day and then go into Port-a-Prince in the afternoon to see some of the sites, etc. Thank you for your continued prayers.
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We are sooooo very proud of ALL of you for speading God's love and service to others around the world. Not only have the Haitian people been blessed by your presence, but I'm sure that your lives will never the same. God is GOOD!
Posted by Beth Hough on 02/11/2011 - 08:09 AM

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